Serialised Properties

I have a class that I’ve made a custom editor for. Most of the variables are being edited through serialised properties. The class and its editor have been working fine for months, but since upgrading from Unity 4.1, to 4.3 I’m not longer able to edit any of the values, they stay the way they were when last edited, but any changes are reverted as soon as I press enter. I’ve included serialisedObject.Update() and serialisedObject.ApplyModifiedProperties() but this does not yet seem to have fixed it.

Are there any changes that need to be made to make this functional?

I was foolishly calling .Update() on the serialized object for the script twice throughout the script, once at the beginning of OnInspectorGUI(), and once at the beginning of another function being called in the, script. Removing the second, and only have the one .Update() at the beginning of the script fixed my issue.