[Serializable] Editor Serialization on Windows Store (WSA / Windows Phone, WinRT)

I have a open source package which uses [Serializable] to serialize members. This feature works fine except for Windows. Because Windows uses a .net subset which does not inclue System.SerializableAttribute my project is totaly broken as it can not read / write from cached data. Here is a code example.

public class MyBehaviour : MonoBehaviour{

    public class MyObject{
       public string FieldData;

    public MyObject[] Objects;

Again, its just a quick and dirty example to give you a brisk idea of my workflow. Again, it also works on all other platforms.

If anyone has some insight on how I can support editor serialization for the windows store platforms, I would be much appreciative.

I have included making my own System.SerializableAttribute class for WindowsSrore only, but that did not work.

Solution was to reference WinRTLegacy which includes the Serializable.Attribute. Why this was not done for me by Unity is concerning.