Serialize GameObject with components


in my code i serialize a gameobject with the MeshSerializer2 and this works fine. But now i've got some problems. I want to "export" everything a current loaded gameobject contains (texture, coordinates, maybe animations - no scripts!) into on *.dataOfwhatever. So i can easily load this data during runtime into my game.

At the moment this works fine with the meshes i can load them and connect them to an empty gameobject. But the import thing would be animations ...

Any idea?

Greetings, MrJames

Export from the runtime or the authoring environment?

If it's the former you're out of luck unless you make your problem domain more specific. If it's the latter -- prefabs!

The Whirld Project developed by Aubrey Falconer can export entire scenes, pretty easily. It requires Unity Pro, though, and cannot do scripts.