Serialize on iOS , that is AOT safe.

Being new to Unity (a week), i just figured out why my IOS deployment doesnt save files. but it works on every other platform (Mac, Editor, Android)… Serialization is not AOT (Ahead of Time) safe… well at least not the class i used…

QUESTION : Does anyone know of a library/class that will allow me to Serialize objects, that is iOS (AOT) safe?

Easy Serializer is a lightweight serializer that is AOT safe and works well on iOS.

Note: I’m the author of this project.

All libraries/classes on an iOS device need to be converted from c#/js into arm assembler at build time. There is no ability on iOS to dynamically generate script code. This often happens when you have a library that looks at some data and tries to build script code on-the-fly (reflection).