Serialized data not getting saved in iPhone

I tried to serialize game data as mentioned in
the link:

1) It does work in PC/Mac system but does not seem to work in iPad.

2) Also sometime it does prompts this error in PC/Mac:
“SerializationException: serializationStream supports seeking, but its length is 0”

when the file is deserialized.

Any suggestions would be helpful :slight_smile:

The main problem was that it was not getting the access right to modify the
file when the path was given as: Application.datapath + “SaveFile”

After changing it to Application.persistentDatapath +“/”+ “SaveFile” it was working fine.

In windows the directory location is somewhat like:

Users/…/ AppData /LocalLow/DefaultCompany/ProjectName/SaveFile

For now its working in iPad and the problem is solved :slight_smile: