SerializedPropertyTable in custom editor window

I need to make a Unity Editor Window that’s similar to the new Light Explorer and according to Unity Decompiled (here) to get the nice table its a SerializedPropertyTable. However that’s an internal class and just moving the class over into another script has other issues, 1 being a bunch of data containers also being internal and 2 that is just bad programming imo.

So is there a way around this or at some point will this class be accessible?

Since it’s an internal class it’s obviously not ment to be used externally. I know it’s a bit frustrating that they made a lot editor code internal but that’s just the way it is. Of course those controls and classes are not documented anywhere so there’s no reason to belive that they want to make those classes public some day.

If you need something similar, just create your own solution. You can use the decomiled source as inspiration if you’re stuck somewhere.

Your only true alternative without duplicating internal code or using reflection to get access to those classes is to simply file a feature request and hope that:

  • enough people upvote your idea
  • the request gets enough attention.
  • Unity Technology gets your point and does expose “more” classes in future releases.

Of course even if you can convince them it can literally take years until it might happen. So if your looking for a concrete solution now, don’t rely on internal stuff and just create your own controls.

If you’re new to the IMGUI system you may have a look at my IMGUI crash course.