Serializing a dictionary to json using LitJson.

In my game players can customize their characters by changing the characters color and accessory. So I am trying to save this customization data as a Json to a text file. Here is my code:
using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.IO;
using System;
using LitJson;

public class SnakeCustomizationStorage : IFileStorage{

    private static string CUSTOMIZATION_FILENAME = "/snakeCustomization.dat";
    private static string FILEPATH = Application.persistentDataPath + CUSTOMIZATION_FILENAME;
    private static SnakeCustomizationStorage m_instance;
    private static Dictionary<string, CustomizationData> m_customData = new Dictionary<string, CustomizationData>();
    private static JsonData m_jsonData = new JsonData();

    public static SnakeCustomizationStorage Instance {
        get {
            if(m_instance == null) {
                m_instance = new SnakeCustomizationStorage();
                Environment.SetEnvironmentVariable("MONO_REFLECTION_SERIALIZER", "yes");
            return m_instance;

    #region IFileStorage implementation
    public void load()
        if(File.Exists(FILEPATH)) {
            string fileText = File.ReadAllText(FILEPATH);
            m_customData = JsonMapper.ToObject<Dictionary<string, CustomizationData>>(fileText);
        } else {
            List<SnakeMysteryReward> unlockedSnakes = RewardManager.Instance.getGrantedSnakeRewards();
            for(int i = 0; i < unlockedSnakes.Count; i++) {
                string name = unlockedSnakes*.productName;*

CustomizationData data = new CustomizationData(GreedyConstants.DEFAULT_SNAKE_GREEN, “”);
m_customData.Add(name, data);

public void save()
JsonData json = JsonMapper.ToJson(m_customData);
File.WriteAllText(FILEPATH, json.ToString());

public string getFilePath()
return FILEPATH;

class CustomizationData {
public float [] color;
public string accessory;

public CustomizationData(Color snakeColor, string accessoryName) {
color = new float[] {
accessory = accessoryName;
No matter what I try, I am not able to figure out how to get the dictionary serialized into the Json string. The code to convert it does not seem to work. What am I doing wrong? The format of Json I am looking to generate is:
{ “Name1” : {“accessory”:“hat1”, “color”:[108, 0, 234, 1]},
“Name2” : {“accessory”:“hat2”, “color”:[108, 0, 234, 1]}
Basically key value pairs of the character name and the customization data. Any help is appreciated thanks.

Couldn’t find a way to fix this problem, so opted SimpleJSON thanks to @Bunny83. Much simpler to use and easy to understand.