Serious Drawcall Issues

I have done a ton of research, and I thought I understood drawcalls. Obviously I don’t ={

I have a wall setup this way.

alt text

It contains 4 small cubes with scale of .5,.5,.5 They have the same material and scale so they should batch!

alt text

When they are alone in the scene, they product one drawcall, perfect!

(This is 3 walls with 4 small cubes each)

alt text

Now, I copy two of those smaller cubes, unparent them, and make them a scale of 1,1,1

I have 6 drawcalls…?

alt text

Then, I move the 3 walls away from the 2 cubes I just created.

alt text

My drawcalls decrease???

What I should have in this scene are 3 drawcalls.

  1. The GUITexture (vignette)
  2. The 4 small cubes
  3. The 2 large cubes

What am I missing?


EDIT: When I put the 3 walls underneath the 2 pink cubes, the drawcalls are what their suppose to be no matter their position. What is happening ={

alt text

Future Readers:

I got the answer from the helpful people over at Rotorz Tile System! (which, btw, you should check out! Their system is simply amazing!)

The Issue: Multiple scales will break the dynamic batching.

The Solution: Generate a mesh in unity and save it using AssetDatabase. Then you have a scale of 1,1,1 but its really at another size.

If you want this code, just pm me.