Serious performance problem, when shell is been fired/instantiated

Hello everyone, i noticed that when i fire/instantiate a shell from my turret mouth, the shell draws and kind of show signs of serious performance problem. When am moving the vehicle and firing the shell, it seems the shell is going in opposite direction(backward) of the car and seems very slow. But when i replace the shell with a cube, everything works fine. I don’t know why it is so. Anyway, am using unity 5.2.2. Your assistance will be greatly appreciated. Screen shoot and code are shown below.


looks like someone had a similar problem.
cant know without seeing your code but it might help.
they were having problems when their player was moving at high speeds.
are you using rigidbody or transforms? if you are using transforms then change to a rigidbody and let your shells inherit the velocity of the vehicle. that should make the shell travel in the correct direction.