Server question on windows

Okay, is there way to SET the IP of an initialized server?, since im trying to connect a client to my server i initialized but without knowing the IP of the initialized server this isn’t possible. Also i need to SET the IP because since it isn’t static, it changes every time, so there’s no way of finding out the IP and changing the script to comply with that IP :confused:

What exactly do you mean by “initialized server”? Are you trying to use the built-in Unity networking tools with RPC and synchronization and all that? If so, you can’t set the IP of the initialized server - it is the IP of whatever machine Unity is running on. If you really need to change the IP, you’ll need to change the change your Windows settings and adjust your router or talk to your ISP, which isn’t really a Unity question. If you really need a static IP, you’ll either have to talk to your ISP and pay extra, or set up a server with someone like GoDaddy with a static IP, and host your Unity server there.

You can think of setting your IP like changing the address on your house: sure, you can simply change the numbers on your house, but the post office won’t deliver to your new address.