server side highscores tutorial: text on gameobject question

Hi there, I’m very new to unity and I’ve hit a little bit of a bump when following this tutorial. I have also posted the relevant text below, although without being too specific I think what I need to do is display text on a gameobject. What is the easiest way of doing this? How can I easily link the variable in any given script with a gameobject so that it will display on the screen when I run a program?

Thank you in advance.

(also bonus points if you can explain what he means by ‘include’ the md5 hash. How do I do that? put the script in a separate file and link them together… how? thanks again!

Step 3: The Unity HSController Script

You will attach this script to a GameObject. You need to be able to supply it with a string containing the players name, and a 
string containing the players score. You also need to edit the URLs in it that point to the correct addscore.php script and the
display.php. You will also need to supply it with a GUIText if you want it to get the scores (otherwise you can ignore the     
getScores() function).
You will also need to include the MD5 script previously posted to this Wiki in your project folder.

Hey SirYakalot,

If I were you, I would use a GuiText variable, and then reference it in the script using something like this:

YourGUIText = highscore;

where highscore is the string that is supplied by the tutorial’s script, and YourGUIText is a GuiText variable declared at the top of the script. If I didn’t do a good job explaining this, please let me know so I can give you a better example



The variable GuiText must be assigned to a GUIText GameObject
[From GameObject>CreateOther>GUIText]