Server to client messaging

Hi guys,

I want the server to spawn several gameObjects that represent players, named “Player_1” to “Player_15”…when a player connects to the server he has to take control of one of the players by logging in with a number (this number indicates which player they are, i.e “Player_” + playerNumber).

That player whould also change color from gray(unused player) to blue(player connected)…

I’ve tried many approuches to accomplish this but none works

Thanks in advance

I’m not sure if you are familiar to Unity’s network engine, but if the server creates / instantiates the playerobject, he’s the only one who can control them because the NetworkViewID always belongs the the creater and the owner can’t be changed. A client can create it’s own ViewID, send it to the server (and finally to all other clients as well) and replace the ViewID of a certain object. NetworkView updates are always one way, from the owner to all others. RPCs can send both ways but the synchronisation is always one way.