Set an angle for bouncing

I don’t know how to ask this question properly. I’m making a pong game, and I have the problem that sometimes the bounce direction of the padle is way too up or down, making it bounce like in the picture, so it takes a while to reach the other player. Is there a way to set a maximium/minium angle for the ball to move? Like, “don’t go higher than (30, 30) and lower than (30, -30)”?

Thank you!

I’m using unity build in bounce physics.

What I would do is changing the x velocity to a minimum x velocity for the ball. Code would look like this:

if (Mathf.ABS(ball.rigidbody.velocity.x)<minX))
ball.rigidbody.velocity=new Vector3((ball.rigidbody.velocity.x<0)?-minX:minX,ball.rigidbody.velocity.y,ball.rigidbody.velocity.z);

That is it.