Set children of another object to inactive

I’ve figured out how to turn off the children of an object with a foreach loop, but now I need to turn the children of an object to inactive using a script on another gameobject (Ex: Object A sets the children of Object B inactive). I can’t just set the parent to inactive because I need scripts running on that object. I prefer C# btw. Thoughts? Ty!

Best way is to add the gameobject to script A. like this:

public GameObject objectB;

Then you can drag and drop the gamobject in the editor into that field.

and turn off children like this. (Probably how you already know)

            foreach (Transform child in objectB.transform)

However, instead of public I would do a little more and use private if the object isn’t that static.
So, it would be like this

private GameObject objectB;

    void Start () {
        objectB = GameObject.FindGameObjectWithTag("Tag your object with something easy");