Set different start positions for my player

Hi! I’m new here in unity and coding. I have been searching for this, but nothing really helps me. Here is the situation. I’m working in a scene transition where you can exit a scene by two different points to the same second scene (I mean, you can go outside via door or window). Now, I want to set different locations depending if you took the window option or the door option.

I tried declaring in the player script:

public Vector2 _startPosition;

And in the SceneSwitcher script:

    public Player _startPosition;

    public void Awake()
        //TODO: Cambiar la posición inicial de Player según salga por puerta o ventana
        _startPosition = transform.position;

Now I have in the player inspector, a new spot where I can define x, and y, but it obviously doesn’t work.


After more attempts, I have something in the script that looks… coherent?

In the SceneSwitcher script

 public Player _player;

    public Vector2 _startPositionV;
    public Vector2 _startPositionP;

    public void Awake()
  _startPositionP = _player.GetComponent<Rigidbody2D().transform.position;

Now I have in the SceneSwitcher inspector the two vector2 parameters for Windows and Door, and the option to attach the player. But, still nor working.