Set "Disable Audio" of AudioManager from code

If I go to “Edit/Project Settings/Audio” I can see that there is a “Disable Audio” boolean but I can’t find it anywhere in AudioSettings or AudioConfiguration.

Is it possible to set this from code ?

If you just want to mute all your audio sources, you can disable your AudioListener (it is on camera by default)

AudioListener audioListener = GetComponent<AudioListener>(); 
audioListener.enabled = false;

or just set the game sound volume to 0

AudioListener.volume = 0.5F;

I don’t want to change the volume, I want to deactivate it entirely.
I need to do this because the current FMOD DLLs for Xbox One only works with “Disable Audio” set to true. I want to be able to switch this boolean depending on which platform I’m building for.

I’ve tried using AudioSettings.Reset, but it never modifies “Disable Audio”.

Any ideas ?

Code reflection is the solution: