Set fps from default 30 to 60 on iOS and Unity 3.5.3?

When I compile from Unity 3.5.3 to iOS device the game is pegged at 30fps … I use to solve this in previous Unity version by editing a variable in .mm file in Xcode but that same file no longer is clear how to force game to run at 60fps.

I found some posts about using Application.targetFrameRate = 60;

Where exactly does one set Application.targetFrameRate = 60;? I’m now running 3.5.3 and its not clear where to set this … :-/

I assume in a script but does it matter which one or where in Unity?

This is my opinion but you Really don’t need more than 30 fps for a game to look good and even if you got 60 the game would be lagging. the faster the target device the faster the rendering