set min resolution requirement for android plattform

Hiho, my game has a min. resolution of 320x480 or 480x320 at wich it still looks good. I want to make sure, that people with devices that have lower resolutions will not even see my game in the Google Play store. Is there a way to do this within Unity or would I have to mess around in some manifest files to do this?

Interesting where for today do you saw android device with a display resolution less than 480x320? But if you want to restrict a display resolution, in Unity can set minSdk as IceCream. Or it is possible to add necessary lines to Manifest.xml. Watch help of google for developers for support-screens.

Google claim that by using their supported-screens
solution you can limit certain resolution devices from installing your app but after testing it out, it doesn’t work.

Sadly your only solution now is to simply increase the API level.