set minimum texture resolution?


I have a unity scene with essential 3d objects in them that provide gameplay relevant information.

instead of rendering text, I have a counter that rotates when the player scores. it’s 3d and unfortunately, unity doesn’t think it’s important and lowers the texture resolution so much that it’s unreadable.

i’ve taken this screenshot on a iPhone 4S. I don’t think it’s a memory problem. other things look really good, only this texture is blurred and I wonder if there’s a way to force a nimimum resolution so that, if we’re running out of memory, other things are getting blurrier first because the counter is more important than some decorative stuff,

alt text

The problem could also be that the texture is 256x2048 due to the nature of the thing being wrapped around a wheel. In the editor, it’s imported to 1024x1024. is there a way to import it as 128x1024 or something, maintaining the aspect ratio?

alt text

Click on the texture in the Project-Window and select as texture type “Advanced”.
No search for the property “PowerOfTwo”. There’s something like “nearest”, but you have to select “None”.
Now the texture will be imported with a resolution of 256x2048 and not 1024².
Hope this works :wink:


found the solution for this. the texture must be set to an uncompressed format in order to be non-square.