Set of options for a Text Based Adventure


I am attempting to do my best with a Text Based Adventure (with visuals) for people that have as many different disabilities as possible. I am using Text To Speech to help with visually impaired players and I will be having visuals so that other players can play. I am also trying to make sure that the game only requires one or two keys for people with motor (physical) disabilities.

I have setup some waypoints that describe what is happening at that moment but for some of them I will need the player to make a choice i.e. Run, Fight, Pickup etc. I will normally only want a max of three options available due to the nature of my target audience.

My question is: How do I set up the options for the player when they get to a certain waypoint and how to I progress to the chosen option? I thought about using Enums to do this but it became really messy.

If anyone has any good ideas of how to make it clean and clear then that would be fantastic!


Are you asking about in code, visually, or authoring in the inspector? If you are talking about code, I’d recommend a bitset of some sort. In C# there is BitArray class so for each waypoint, you assign a list of what options are available.