Set One GameObject Inactive If Another GameObject Is Active?

hello :smiley: Iโ€™m currently building a simple 2D game and what i want to do is before the player have collected all the coins the key will be inactive, but once the player have collected all the coins the key will be active :slight_smile:

how would i do this?

There are so many ways how you can do it.

Here is a one of many ways. It is proposed that all coins already placed on scene with tag โ€œcoinโ€. This example is not so good, i would use events instead of link to GameManager from all coins, but this example is easier to understand.

public class GameManager : MonoBehaviour
    // Attach this script anywhere on a scene

    // Set here the link to your KeyGameObject on scene
    public GameObject keyGameObject;

    int coinsTotalCount;
    int coinsCollected = 0;

    void Awake()
        // Disable your KeyGameObject

        // Get how many coins on scene
        coinsTotalCount = GameObject.FindGameObjectsWithTag("Coin").Length;

    // Call this method from CoinScript each time you collect coin
    public void CoinCollected()

        // If you collected all coins - show KeyGameObject
        if (coinsCollected == coinsTotalCount)

public class Coin : MonoBehaviour
    // Attach this script to coin prefab

    // Set this link in prefab to your GameManager on scene
    public GameManager gameManager;

    void OnCollect()