Set Screen Resolution.

i am working on a game and i want the game to work on all apple devices and i have no idea how i can set the screen resolution for all the devices. I googled and found if(screen.height == 960 && screen.width==1136){//do something}.
but no idea where to apply this code.

if u r using c# then it should be placed inside on void Awake() else function awake()
because it the first thing that will be called when ur app starts.

 if(screen.height == 960 && screen.width==1136)
    //do something
    here u have to calculate the screen width by height and adjust ur 
    whole game object according to that ratio.if u fix the size say 960*1136 and
    ur game run on device with screen size 960*460 then there may be some problem



i can’t say whatever i wrote is fully correct but u can use the concept.