Set the current time on a GameObjectRecorder

Hello! I have need to be able to set the current time on a gameobjectrecorder so I can take snapshots at specific frames in the animation. Is this possible with a gameobjectrecorder, or should I use something else?
Thanks in advance.

I think I understand what you are asking for. First, you need to setup a UI panel with a text object on it, this will display the time. then attach this script to the UI component:

using System;
using Unity.Engine.UI;
public class Program
	float time;
	public Text timeText;
	void Update()
		time += Time.deltaTime;
		timeText.text = time.ToString();

This will show you the time that has elapsed since you hit start, don’t forget drag the text component from the UI you made into the public text filed you have in the script I wrote for you; I hope this is what you were looking for.