Set the speed of a specific animation clip in an animator

Is there any way to set the animation speed of a single animation clip within an animator?

There’s one animation that I need to change the speed of without the speed being applied to all the other animations in the animator. Using Animator.speed seems to apply the speed to everything.

In Animator select the node that contains your animation and set its speed (there is a Speed value). Value of 1 is a normal speed.

If you want to do it with code then that’s getting a bit meh…you can get AnimationStateInfo via code, but it doesn’t expose AnimationSteate itself nor its speed. So if you want to do it via code then you have 3 options:

1)Wait for Unity 5.1 which supposedly should solve this.

2)Create two different Animators if you need them for different GameObjects.

3)Create some variable parameter that will play the same animation but in different states that will use different speed based on the value of that variable and just set that value from code.