SetActive.true is not working!

Hello.I did a search about that but it was not useful cause it doesn’t had a clear answer.My problem is function SetActive(true)not working.,I checked my script its very sure.(I putted a debug.Log and it works too)so,Is there anyway to do that for a panel?Thanks in advance:)

For a panel you can make a variable for the panel. Then use the .SetActive function as you do in a normal GameObject. If the “Debug.Log” is working then there might be a problem in your Sprite/Model or maybe there is some rendering issues or you are “Instantiating” the GameObject but when you Set that GameObject to true and it does not show the GameObject then maybe it is not Instantiated yet.
I hope this would help :>D

Yea may be my question u searched before. So I solve this from make a different way,It’s not working if u have anything in same canvas except panel.If u have only the panel,disable "Canvas"component is ur canvas and enable that through a script.Happy to help:)