SetClientOwner m_ClientAuthorityOwner alread set!

So i’m having this issue with the Network Lobby Example from the asset store. I’ve searched around and alot of people seem to have the same problem yet no solution. I’m going to give it a shot of my own. Whnever i try to start the game I just get this error.

SetClientOwner m_ClientAuthorityOwner already set!
Prototype.NetworkLobby.<ServerCountdownCoroutine>c__Iterator10:MoveNext() (at Assets/Lobby/Scripts/Lobby/LobbyManager.cs:385)

Does anyone know how to fix it? I belive many of us wants to know as it seems like a common problem.

So I managed to fix it and I will post how I fixed it here for anyone in the future. At the lobby manager script’s Lobby scene I basically put the actual server selector scene. And for the Play scene I put the normal one. And I also managed to fix the issue where you have to create a lobby twice by unticking “automaticly create player”. hope this helped

Hi guys, I am happy to tell you that I found this bug has been fixed in Unity5.4.0f3.