SetCurve not working for me.

I'm having trouble getting SetCurve to work on animation clips for me. Here's the code I've got written:

AnimationCurve xCurve = new AnimationCurve();
xCurve.keys = new Keyframe[2] { new Keyframe (0, flickOriginTransform.position.x) , new Keyframe( 0.2f, flickVector.x * flickVelocity) };
flickClip.SetCurve("", typeof(Transform), "Position.x", xCurve);
animObj.AddClip(flickClip, animName);

When I run the scene, there's never any curve placed into the Animation tab on the GUI and a button pops up "Clean Up Leftover Curves". When I press it, I get told "the following curves in the animation clip are for properties that do not exist" with Position.x listed. (I've also tried _Position.x, _position.x & position.x just to make sure I'm getting the property name right, to no avail).

Am I missing something? I've looked through the documentation and cannot find the strings names for the Transform property's curves. I've tried the AnimationAPI download however it only changes a curve on Materials and seems to be what I am already doing.

Got any ideas?


how about "localPosition.x" ? Works in my code.