SetMaterialBlock - anyone use this or know where documentation is?

One of the features in Unity 3.5 I read about in the “What’s New” page was about SetMaterialBlock. It’s implications seems very beneficial for not having to instance materials and change settings per instance.

Here’s the description from the What’s New page:

Added renderer.SetMaterialBlock for a
lightweight way of adding per-instance
material parameters without
duplicating the materials. Also, the
MaterialPropertyBlock does not have
fixed small capacity any longer.

I can’t find any documentation or any reference using Google to anyone who has used this. I saw someone mention it in one post on, but beyond that, nothing.

Has anyone used this and could provide documentation on how to use it? I’m sure someone will mention use of it sooner or later, but I’d rather do things correctly the first time around.

Thanks so much.

Thanks for pointing it out. There’s a mistake in the What’s New page, the function is called SetPropertyBlock(). We will add documentation.

The function is called SetPropertyBlock.

You can find it when you look into the Renderer docs.