Setting a material texture and saving it

So I am creating materials in code and trying to save them but for some reason when I save a material the texture ALWAYS reverts to “none”

How can I save the material WITH it’s texture or even possibly set it after I save the new mat ?

Here is my code

		Material newMaterial = new Material(Shader.Find("Diffuse"));

		string matPath = "Assets/Resources/Atlas/" + textureName + "/" + textureName + ".mat";

		AssetDatabase.CreateAsset(newMaterial, matPath);
		newMaterial = (Material)AssetDatabase.LoadAssetAtPath(matPath, typeof(Material));

		newMaterial.SetTexture(textureName, texture);



The bit where I set the texture seems to do nothing as my newly saved material has no texture set ?

Turns out I had to call …




before I could attempt to load it back in