Setting build to IOS on Windows

So this might be a stupid question, but I’m willing to ask anyways :slight_smile:

I have the basic Unity iPhone license and do most of my development on a mac when I’m coding, but when it’s time to create the art and levels, I have to switch to the PC since I use 3ds max and other graphic software.

I hate having to re-import everything to the mac as it has to switch deployment platforms everytime. Is it possible to set the platform to IOS on a Windows machine (of course i wouldn’t be building the game on the PC), of am I stuck doing the back and forth switch?

Thanks for your time

To answer your question- I don’t think it’s possible. It should be possible, but I think that they’ve just got a flag in the editor that disallows it based on your current platform.

Personally, I just have a little subversion server set up, so it’s easy enough to do stuff on both machines without worrying about it… I do my art, even code on PC, and when I need to build or test, I just check everything in- go over to the mac and do an update and I’m good to go.