Setting camera target after I instantiate the gameobject?

Newbie question on syntax...

I have the mainCamera in the game and I have attached the smoothfollow script to it.

I instantiate the gameobject when the game starts dynamically that I want the camera to follow so I can't set the target in the inspector.

After I instantiate the gameobject what is my syntax in javascript to assign the gameobject I just instantiated to the mainCamera's smoothfollow script?

Thanks for any help.

Something close to this:

var sf : SmoothFollow = Camera.main.GetComponent(SmoothFollow);
if (sf) = myNewObject.transform;

You could use the function GetComponent and assign the instantiated GameObject to the variable "target" of the script:

var script : SmoothFollow;
script = Camera.main.GetComponent("SmoothFollow");

var prefab : Transform;
var clone : Transform;
clone = Instantiate (prefab, ... ); = clone;