Setting correct screen for iPad and iPhone


I am a little bit confused regarding the different iOS device screens:

There is a background picture that should fill out the background however:

iPhone Wide (480x320): Horizontal a little bit is cut off, and as expected vertically some part is cut off as well. Around the picture some black is seen.

iPhone 4G Wide (960x640): Horizontal all is seen, and as expected vertically some part is cut off. Now only on left and right side black is seen.

iPad Wide (1024x768): Looks like for iPhone 4G Wide. Horizontally all is seen, vertically some part is cut off, why? Doesn’t the iPad have a higher height (Landscape orientation)? As before on left and right side black is seen.

iPhone Wide (3:2): like iPhone Wide (480x320) but now the black only on the side.

iPhone Wide (4:3): like iPad Wide (1024x768) however horizontally it is cut off as well and more black is seen.

Isn’t iPad Wide (1024x768) the same as iPad (4:3)? Further why does it cut of vertically like it does for iPhone? And why does it cut off horizontally a lot for iPad (4:3) while for iPhone it doesn’t?

Do I have to change something for the static camera? How to set it up correctly so it will fill out the whole iPad screen as well as the iPhone screen (no scalling). The idea was to have a background that fills out the iPad screen and when on the iPhone it only cuts off some of the vertical part. What do I misunderstand?

Thankful for any help.

Try an Orthographic camera instead of perspective if its for a static scene ?


@Griffo: yes it is set to orthographic. It is a 2D game and the camera is fixed.

@purplelilgirl: BG on the level itself. Yes one BG to work with different screen resolutions.
Regarding the BG there is one picture that is getting scaled due to the different sizes anyway however I do not wanna stretch it, hence I am using 1 BG pictrue for iPad and when on iPhone some parts get cut off which are not important anyway. What confuses me is that the visible screen shown in Unity is different for iPad Wide (4:3) and iPad Wide (1024x768), as well as the visible screen for iPhone 4G Wide (960x640) is bigger than for iPad Wide (4:3).

Anyone did a 2D game with static camera using 1 BG pic for iPads and iPhones?


It is Orthographic. There are still issues. Anyone know how to set the camera correctly so it works for different devices/resolutions?