Setting Environment is not preventing user from being created in both environments via Auth

So I set up a simple example project,

Added Auth and the only identity provider is the Unity Gaming Accounts. Imported the demo UI.

Altered the script to set the environment to one I created in the admin dashboard “dev”. No Error.

When I signed up for a new user, with the dev environment set, and then go back to admin dashboard and go to player management, I see that the user was created in both “dev” and “production”. Is this expected? My assumption is that once dev environment is set (I coded such that from the Unity Editor it would set dev env), all other UGS services would only affect that environment (auth, economy, etc). If that’s not the case, I’m not sure how I can prevent the production environment from getting muddied with test users, and eventually data.


Here’s how things are scoped for UGS at this time:

  • Players are not scoped to environments and can be used across them.
  • Player data services (like cloud save & economy) are scoped to environments.

This should not affect your end-user experience as they will only be interacting with production.

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