Setting GUI GameObjects to ignore all lighting

Hi everyone, a new (and a happy) Unity user here.

I’m working on a GameObject based GUI meaning that my GUI is just a bunch of planes I’m drawing textures on. The question is, how do I render those GameObjects to be completely self illuminating. I’ve set the GUI layer to ignore all other lighting and now it’s rather dark.

One solution would be to use a directional light for the GUI but this feels a bit hacky and needless lighting calculations are not fun.

The other solution would be to use the self illuminating shader but I’m using some custom shaders made by other users so I’d have to implement it myself.

I believe I’d be able to make the shader myself with a little practice but I just want to check if there is an easier solution available, maybe something I’ve overlooked.

Thank you.

So, I found the solution which was (surprise, surprise) fairly obvious. I totally overlooked the Unlit-shader family. Unlit/Texture and Unlit/Transparent fitted my needs perfectly. Interestingly enough I couldn’t find a single word concerning the Unlit-shaders from the documentation. Maybe I just didn’t look hard enough though.