Setting maya coordinates system with respect to unity

What i want is in maya if i create cube with Pos(20,10,2),Rot(12.5,10.2,50.5) and scale(10,20,12) and then when i import that cube in unity that cube pos,rot and size should look exactly the same like how it was in maya.Currently scaling works as it is because i set the pref to centimeters on maya but pos and rot looks different and when i import it in unity the orientation and pos differs.Can someone tell me what setting i have to do it in maya so that when i import it in unity the model should look exactly the same as it was in maya.

If you are only exporting one object, Unity will automatically set the pivot and position for the imported model to be the pivot of the one model. If you want to preserve that position specifically and have it scale correctly with the model, then export the model with a dummy model along with it so that the export will create a group out of them that is set at 0,0,0.

Hope that helps