Setting particle burst on runtime

Hello fellow developers,

I’ve accidentally stumbled on an answer to my problem a while ago but I didn’t need it at the time so I clicked it away. Now I am in need of it but can’t find it anywhere. I just want to set a new burst to a particle system that is dynamically altered through the game for when it hits a surface (explosion effect). I can’t and won’t use a secondary particlesystem for this because of the dynamically changeable particlesystem.

So what I need is to add a new burst effect at zero time during runtime in c#. The scripting api isn’t helping at all and searching for it does not yield results. If someone could explain or give me an example on how to use this SetBursts method, an other way to make it burst on contact or the link of the anwser where someone uses the SetBursts method that I stumbled upon than that will be greatly appreciated!

Many thanks in advance!

Make use of the particleSystem.Emit(numberOfParticles); method, no need for modifying the burst timing in my opinion for this problem.