Setting player (FPS) position after a scene swap

Hi all…I’m frustrated and confused! I’m attempting to set an FPS player position and rotation after a scene swap. Data for both is persisted in a separate object and then applied once the new scene is loaded. The rotation works fine, but the position will only sometimes work, seemingly on an arbitary basis. When it doesn’t work, the FPS controller just stays in its default position. Does anyone have any idea what might be causing this? The code to obtain and apply the data onto the FPSController is as follows…

> Vector3 spawnLocation = PlayerDataControl.control.FPSControllerNextSpawnPointPosition;
> Quaternion spawnRotation = PlayerDataControl.control.FPSControllerNextRotation;
> Debug.Log("spawnLocation = " + spawnLocation); //  Always returns the expected data to console
> Debug.Log("spawnRotation = " + spawnRotation); //  Likewise...
> // Set new camera rotation
> FPSController.transform.SetPositionAndRotation(spawnLocation, spawnRotation);  // Location fail!



Please do not create multiple questions for the same issue, it is just annoying and won’t get you an answer faster.

The first two times I tried to post it, the inteface just froze on me when doing the Captcha bit. The button got greyed-out and it seemed like nothing had actually happened. So…sorry if there was a duplicate. It wasn’t intentional.