Setting SideWays Friction Stiffness of Wheel Collider in Code

Ok, in the Unity Sample Assets beta, they show the stiffness of the sideways friction dynamically changing through the code.

I tried simply setting the sideways friction in my code of each wheel collider to a hard value.

wheelFL is the wheel collider variable I have declared and I assign it that in the inspector.

wheelFL.sidewaysFriction.stiffness = 2f;

I get an error that says " Cannot modify a value type return value of `UnityEngine.WheelCollider.sidewaysFriction’. Consider storing the value in a temporary variable "

I don’t understand why. The stiffness property of the sidewaysFriction is a {get;set;} and is a float.

I tried doing a temporary Wheel Collider variable and use get component where I want this code to work and to no avail it returned the same error.

Ok fixed my own problem I guess…

private WheelFrictionCurve sidewaysFriction;

That would be the temp variable I need.

Much like creating a temporary Vector3 in c# for setting new positions and whatnot,

WheelFrictionCurve is the equivalent of that for wheel colliders