Setting string array and checking it as "choices"

How can I pick the answer from the array “string ansCheck = { “ANSWER1” , “ANSWER2” , “ANSWER3”};” and check it if the users input is in the list of array I’ve set? Here’s a sample code and I can’t seem to make what I want.

	public void GetAnswer(){
		Answer = GameObject.Find ("Canvas/a1/Panel/InputField/Text").GetComponent<Text> ().text;
		FinalAnswer = Answer.ToUpper ();
		string[] ansCheck = {  "ANSWER1" , "ANSWER2" , "ANSWER3" };

		if (FinalAnswer != ArrayList(ansCheck)) {
			Wrong.GetComponent<Canvas>().enabled = true;
		} else {
			Correct.GetComponent<Canvas>().enabled = true;
			GameObject.Find (PlayerPrefs.GetString ("currentBtn")).GetComponent<Button>().enabled = false;
			GameObject.Find ("Btn2").GetComponent<Button>().enabled = true;

If your trying to check if the inputted value is contained in the array then try something like this:

if( !ansCheck.Contains( FinalAnswer ) ) {