Setting to Show Camera Cone Always?

When a camera is selected, it’s cone becomes visible in the viewport. When a different camera is selected, it’s cone becomes visible and the first camera’s cone disappears.

Is there a setting anywhere to show a camera’s cone in the viewports all the time?


I don’t know of a way to do this by default.

However, if you add this script to a scene object, and drag over it’s single field, the camera you want to see the frustum for, it will ALWAYS draw the frustum (unless you specifically disable the object or script).

using UnityEngine;

public class FrustumAlways : MonoBehaviour {
    public Camera cameraShowFrustumAlways;
    private void OnDrawGizmos()
        if (cameraShowFrustumAlways)
            Gizmos.matrix = cameraShowFrustumAlways.transform.localToWorldMatrix;