setting Transform.forward results in strange artifact

I want to do this in my update method:

			//Look at camera
			gameObject.transform.forward = transform.position - Camera.main.transform.position;
			content.forward = Camera.main.transform.forward;

Content is the transform of a game object containing UI elements which I want always facing the camera. But when I do that, the UI elements are completely distorted. If I don’t set forward, they look ok, just not exactly the orientation I want.
See attachments for actual and expected result.

Camera.main.transform.forward is the direction that camera faces at, simply the direction you are looking at. If something needs to be seen, for instance a billboard, it needs to face towards you not towards what you are looking at.
Simply change to content.forward = -Camera.main.transform.forward should do the job.

I worked around this issue by setting the canvas’ game object scale to (.002,.002,.002)