Setting up a camera for a 2D game

So, new to Unity, and I’m trying to figure out exactly how to set up the camera view for a 2D game I want to make. What I understand so far:

-I need to set the camera to orthogonal view so that objects are the same size regardless of depth

-The orthogonal size of the camera is half of the number of 1x1 quads that can fit vertically into the camera’s viewing area

My question is, how “big” is a 1x1 quad, in terms of pixels? I can make a square sprite of any size and it will be scaled up or down to fit the dimensions of the quad, but I don’t really want my sprites to get scaled at all, or at the very least, I want to ensure that they’re being scaled by a power of two. What dimensions can I use for a texture so that it won’t have to scale to fit the quad?

Why are you worried about the textures being scaled? You’ve set the texture to import with Filter Mode = Point, right?
Are you trying to get your sprites to show up at their exact dimensions (i.e. a 512x512 sprite would take up an entire 512x512 resolution window)?