Setting up new scenes as in-app purchases downloadable map packs?

I'd like to release a version of my game with about a half hour of free gameplay, another hour or so if someone buys the full version, and then have in-app purchases so that users could buy "level packs" as they become available. I was hoping to create new scenes as the new "level packs".

One reason for this is I like the ability (don't know what it's called, "Push Notifications"?) of popping up a little red number on the icon for the app, like when you have a voicemail and it shows the little red #1 on the phone icon. Another reason is I only want to build enough content to satisfy demand and if the game tanks I don't want to have wasted a lot of time building 20 hours of gameplay. This way instead demand drives how much gameplay is authored.

Anyway, can I ship just new scenes as map packs through in app purchases or do I have to make "fungame1", "fungame2", "fungame3" and so on?

Thanks, ==Goody!

you can use asset bundles to create new scenes but all of the code (components) that they use should be available in the main game. you can include new meshes and textures in your scenes. just all of your code should be available in your main game. if you don't want to use some code in your free content attach it to a gameobject and disable that gameobject because if you don't use the component at all then i think it won't compile and your game will not contain it. you need unity pro for using asset bundles.