Setting up UnityIAP for iOS - I'm totally stuck

Hey there,

I’ve built a game for android and iOS which is just about to be finished, the only thing left is iOS in app purchases. Android works perfectly fine, but I can’t seem to get it to work on iOS.

I’m using a modified version of the unity iap script from the docs which works fine for android, but somehow not for iOS. Here is my initialization:

public void InitiateController()
        var module = StandardPurchasingModule.Instance();
        ConfigurationBuilder builder = ConfigurationBuilder.Instance(module);
        foreach (CatalogItem item in buyableItems)
            builder.AddProduct(item.ItemId, ProductType.Consumable);

        UnityPurchasing.Initialize(this, builder);

        validator = new CrossPlatformValidator(GooglePlayTangle.Data(), AppleTangle.Data(), Application.bundleIdentifier);

The IDs im adding to the builder are correct product ids as I use them in iTunes Connect, I have verified that using Debug commands.

Initialization fails because it can’t find the products.

Nov 17 15:00:11 [303] : UnityIAP:Requesting 6 products
Nov 17 15:00:11 [303] : UnityIAP:Requesting product data…
Nov 17 15:00:12 [303] : UnityIAP:Received 0 products

I have no idea what is missing. I set up all the 6 products in iTunes Connect as consumables, only missing is the screenshot and the submit of course. I’ve added a sandbox user to be able to test them, but I ain’t even receiving them.

Anyone able to tell me what could be wrong?

Alright, I’ve found my problem.

Since my game is going to be free to play with in app purchases, I had reasons to believe I need a “Free Applications” contract in iTunes Connect. Apparently free-to-play with in app purchases counts as “Paid Applications” for Apple, after requesting the “Paid Applications” contract everything worked fine.

At this point I’ve gotta thank apple for making the whole app development and release process that much more unnecessarily complicated than it has to be. Just take a look at how google’s done it and copy some of it, jesus…

Anyway, if any of you ever encounter the same problem, check that you have a “Paid Applications” contract under “Agreements, Tax, and Banking” including full banking information.


Hey @ kendogar, thanks for the info. Did you have to submit your in aap purchases for review With a build of did you just submit them standalone before they were approved for review and appeared in your app?