Settings Rollout for 100% of playerbase

I'm trying to do a rollout for 100% of the userbase using the Remote Config Rules.
I want to split the experience of the player into 4 sections defined as: A, B, C, D. These values will also be used to track analytics specifically for each of these.

I'm am struggling to get the user to be consistently placed in one of the 4 groups, I feel like maybe I missunderstand the 'Rollout Percentage'

My setup looks like this:

Where every group has a 25% rollout.

Am I approaching this the wrong way or is there something I'm missing that could resolve my issue?

EDIT: Using a modular expression inside the condition on the UserID i've managed to find a working way to split the userbase up in prefered groups, still curious to see if this is the only way to achieve this!

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@Qrowl I'm glad the modular expression worked. So for the rollout percentage, that is a random 25% sampling of all users that qualify for the rule. The groups are not mutually exclusive.

However, we're currently wrapping up a 1.2.0-preview package release that will add support for multi-variant rules. This way, you can one rule, with the condition true, then have 4 variants, each with a weight of 25, and your users will be split evenly across the variants. I can give you an update when that feature is released, if you'd like.


Appreciate it! Yes please keep me up to date as soon as this is available. For the time being I can use my current solution :)

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Remote Config 1.2.0-preview package is out, where we added support for Multi Variant Rules like @rambod mentioned above.
You can read more about MV Rules here:

Please let us know if the new package resolves your issue!

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