Setup a Game Server Hosting on my VPS

Thanks in Advance for your Help :)!!!

i have a VPS with 1gb/s , SSD and i would like to know how can i use it as a Game Hosting Server instead of using Photon Network or Unity Networking to creating Rooms for games , Messages …
i would like to ask you if you have any suggestions to give me :slight_smile:

Thank you again.


to host the Photon Server on your own I would recommend you reading through the Photon Server Intro documentation page as well as the Starting Photon in 5 Minutes page. To get more information about the Photon Server and how to extend it, please feel free to also take a look at the other available documentation pages, too.

sorry for the late response :(.

for those who are looking for making a game host using a VPS or dedicated server , for the moment i found that Nakama server is awesome and 100% FREE ( if you use your own server ) .

  • Chat between players : ( 1 to 1 , by groups , public rooms )
  • multiplayer with filters : ( match making by lvl , friends … )
  • Open source : so easy to modify the server logic using Lua scripting .