SetVertices causes massive performance drop

Modifying vertex positions using sharedMesh.SetVertices() seems to cause a massive performance drop in the vision simulator.
I’m updating <20K verts, and it’s causing the PolySpatialNetworkSingleAppHost.Update to allocate almost 300KB garbage, takes about 745ms.

We’re modifying the verts in a parallel job, which seems to run perfectly fine, but only when setting the vertices at the end does it cause the simulator to slow to a crawl. We’ve marked the mesh dynamic as well.

Any idea what could be going on here?

This seems like you’re using Play to Device, corect? Does the same issue happen when running a build on the simulator? (It’s probably still going to be slow, but not that slow.) PtD has to serialize all data; when running locally, the buffer of vertices is passed directly in memory.

Yeah that was using Play to Device. It does run more smoothly in a build, but the frame rate is still pretty choppy. The editor itself has no performance issues. I’m also noticing that two meshes that should be updating at the same time each frame are slightly out of sync with each other. (In both PtD and builds)

was this fixed yet

also notice performance issues for relatively trivial mesh operations