Seven key press

Does unity3d has ability to detect seven key press?

I tried but i could’nt. I control key presses with GetButton or GetButtonDown
six key works but seven doesn’t.

I mean pressing seven button at the same time.

Is there a way to solve this?

So I checked it out for you.

Basically the problem is the frames the keys are registering is different.

when you press a key its only down for that frame after so many keys are involved they span multiple frames and keys go on and off. What you need to do is store the state of the key and check against that

for example

bool A_state;
bool B_state;
//use a a list not 40 variables this is just an example

    A_state = true;

    A_state = false;

if (A_state && B_state && C_state.. Z_state)
    Do Something....

That will prevent the difference between which frame you pressed from mattering, holding down all 7 keys should work correctly.

It may be a hardware limitation. I haven’t tried this myself, but maybe. You could use GetKey for each key, as that will be true in every frame when the key is down, and see if you can find it that way. You can iterate through all key codes and count the ones that are currently true.

Ok now, i did it just by the change of g-h-j keys to j-k-l keys

Sorry for opening a question and answering it myself, this is the second one i answered me.

But until i open the question i really can’t do it.

Before i changed g-h-j keys to other keys they didn’t work, why would jkl works?

This is maybe a keyboard issue. Maybe i solved it only for me, or others may not have any problem with the previous one.