Severe performance degradation in unity 2023.X

After upgrading my project to unity 2023.2.0b11 i have noticed a huge dip in performance, compared to unity 2022.2.148946474--1227543--Screenshot 2023-04-13 063922.jpg
the image above u can see a huge fps dip from 272fps to 50fps
changing some quality settings in 2023 does not seem to affect it to bring back FPS
in unity 2022.2
8946474--1227687--Screenshot 2023-04-13 115704.jpg
u can clearly see 272fps in unity 2022.2.14
unity 2023.1.0b11 sever major performance degradation

8946474--1227543--Screenshot 2023-04-13 063922.jpg

Is it resolved?


Can you please file a bug report and attach your project? Thanks.

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Project is farily big (50GBs), I can try to see if i can get this to do it in a blank project

can't get this to show up on brand new projects, so it might have to do with current projects

this performance Degradation has been fixed in unity 2023.1.0b18

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