Shader, 2 Textures on one UV Map


I’m not sure how possible this is but to improve our workflow we are trying to get two textures to share a UV.

For instance the end result we want is a shader than can take 2 textures such as these:

and create an end result texture of this:

But by using only one uv map and material.

yes it is possible if its a surface shader you can have something like

fixed4 c;
if( IN.uv_Tex1.y > 0.5 ) {
	c = tex2D (_Tex1, float2( IN.uv_Tex1.x, (IN.uv_Tex1.y-0.5)*2 ) ) * _Color;
else {
	c = tex2D (_Tex2, float2( IN.uv_Tex1.x, IN.uv_Tex1.y*2 ) ) * _Color;